CPF Investment With ENDOWUS

Have you heard about Endowus?

They are probably the one and only robo advisor in Singapore that allows you to invest with your CPF monies.

Even though CPF OA gives you 2.5% p.a. risk-free returns, I believe that if invested well, the returns can be higher without higher risks.

As a Penguindad, I don’t have regular contributions to my CPF anymore.

My goal is to use the currently available amount in my OA to achieve a minimum of 7% p.a. for 26 years (65 years old) which by then, I can use a portion of the portfolio for CPF LIFE.

  • Designated portfolio size: S$76,000
  • Current portfolio size: S$35,000

‼️Note: This is not any form of financial advice. You should understand that all investments carries certain risks. Please do your own research.

Endowus Fund Smart

With Endowus Fund Smart, I can DIY my own portfolio with their range of offerings.

I have chosen the following 3 funds:

  • LionGlobal Infinity US 500 Stock Index Fund (50%)
  • PineBridge India Equity Fund (25%)
  • Schroder ISF Greater China Fund (25%)

For the past 5 to 10 years, these funds have generated at least 8% p.a. returns.

United States and China are the top 2 economies and I believe India can join them in the top 3 in the future.

Expected Annualised Return

According to Endowus, this portfolio has an expected annualised return of about 12% p.a.

I think 8% p.a. is more realistic and I will be super happy with it.

As you can see from the projection, there is less than a 1% chance of underperforming the rate given by CPF OA, which is 2.5% p.a.

CPF Monies Invested

I have a total of S$35,000 invested from January 2021 and another S$10,000 still processing.


My Endowus CPF portfolio is up 4.05% at the point of writing this article.


Investment is always risky and I choose to take calculated risk.

In the long run, stock markets is almost always up-trending.

Just stay invested and you will be alright.

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