ENDOWUS Performance – May 2021 Update

Are you satisfied with the 2.5% p.a. interest given to you by CPF?

I’m not, as I know stock markets can potentially gives much higher returns.

‼️Note: This is not any form of financial advice. You should understand that all investments carries certain risks. Please do your own research.

My CPF portfolio at Endowus is currently showing a gain of 4.42%.

ENDOWUS Performance - May 2021 Update

My goal is to use the currently available amount in my OA to achieve a minimum of 7% p.a. for 26 years (65 years old) which by then, I can use a portion of the portfolio for CPF LIFE.

  • Target CPF monies to be invested: S$76,000
  • Current CPF monies invested: S$45,000

I have been slowly DCA-ing into this portfolio for the past few months and going to let it do its work.

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