The List Of FREE Samples For Baby Singapore 2023

As a parent, I love free diapers and milk powder samples, do you?

You will agree with me that baby stuff is expensive in Singapore. So… Every cent saved is every cent saved.

In 2023, I bet that the #1 headache for new mums and dads is: Which brand of diapers and milk powders to choose?

Which brand should we get? Merries diapers? Goon diapers?

Free samples of diapers and free baby milk samples will allow us to try out different brands because not all brands are suitable for your little ones.

Free Baby Samples I Have Received In The Past

Free Samples Singapore

Aptamil free sample: 900g stage 3

I received the Aptamil AptaAdvantage Discovery Pack in my mailbox. It includes a voucher to redeem the free 900g tin at NTUC FairPrice and an Apta Advantage membership card. The card allows you to purchase their formula milk at a discounted price at NTUC.

Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo Sample

The Cetaphil package was received in my mailbox in a neat little box. It contains one 50ml bottle of bath and wash + one 50ml bottle of baby lotion and a S$2 voucher.

How To Get Free Diaper Samples & Milk Powder Samples?

I have compiled a list of brands that give out free diaper samples in Singapore.

Don’t worry, the list also includes free sample baby milk powder and some other freebies.

Just click on the links provided and register at the respective websites, and choose the required free samples as some companies give you a list of options.

Then just wait patiently for the items to arrive which typically takes quite a while.

Please click on the links below to register your interest to get samples from the respective brands.

Free Diaper Samples

Newborn diaper gets used up really fast, so try out all the freebies for newborns if available.


Get one free sample pack of Huggies diapers.

If you choose a Newborn or Small diaper, a larger-sized sample (up to Size M) will automatically be delivered to you.

Note: Each sample pack contains 3 pieces of diapers or diaper pants.

  • Huggies® Platinum Naturemade (Newborn/Small)
  • Huggies® Platinum Naturemade Diapers (Medium/Large)
  • Huggies® Platinum Naturemade Pants (Medium/Large/XLarge)


Get one free sample pack of Merries Tape diapers

  • NewBorn x3s
  • Small x2s
  • Medium x2s
  • Large x2s


Get one free sample pack of Drypers diapers ranging from newborn to XXL.

  • Drypers Touch (Tape)
  • Drypers Wee Wee Dry (Tape)
  • Drypers Touch Pants
  • Drypers Drypantz (Pants)


Get one free sample pack of MamyPoko diapers.

  • MamyPoko Air Fit Tape(NB/S)
  • MamyPoko Pants Air Fit (M/L Boy & Girl)
  • MamyPoko Extra Dry Skin Organic Cotton (NB/S)
  • MamyPoko Extra Dry Tape (M)
  • MamyPoko Extra Dry Pants (M/L)
  • MamyPoko Extra Dry Protect Tape (M/L)

Babioniq (Premium brand of BOSOMI)

No samples are available currently.


No samples are available currently.


Get one free sample pack of Nateen diapers.

  • Nateen Tape (NB/S/M/L/XL)
  • Nateen Pants (M/L/XL/XXL)

Bambo Nature

Click here to try and request Bamboo Nature free diaper samples via Facebook message.

The List Of FREE Samples For Baby Singapore 2023 1


No samples are available currently.

Nepia Genki

Click here to try and request Nepia Genki free diaper samples via Facebook message.


No samples are available currently.

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Free Milk Powder Samples

There is no sample for Stage 1 milk powder because World Health Organisation (WHO) and Health Promotion Board (HPB) recommend mothers breastfeed babies exclusively for up to six months.


Click here to request Enfagrow free milk powder sample.

AptaAdvantage (Aptamil)

Receive one tin of free 900g Aptamil milk powder when your child turns 1 year old and up to $400 worth of partners’ benefits.


Click here to receive 800g of free milk powder.

Abbott Family

Click here to receive milk powder samples from the Abbott Family.

  • Similac
  • Grow
  • PediaSure


Click here to request GROW free milk powder sample.

  • GROW Toddler Stage 3 (1 to 3 years) (900g)
  • GROW PreSchool Stage 4 (3 to 6 years) (36g)
  • GROW Ready-To-Drink (3 to 12 years) (Discount voucher)


Click here to request PediaSure free milk powder sample.

  • PediaSure (Vanilla & Chocolate)
  • PediaSure (Original Flavor)


Click here to receive a free Dumex Mamil Gold Stage 3 (850g) or Dugro Stage 3 (700g) sample.


Click here to request Nestle NAN free milk powder sample.

  • CERELAC infant cereals
  • Nestle MOM


Click here to request Friso free milk powder sample.

  • Frisomum Gold Maternal Milk
  • Friso Gold Rice-based Milk Cereal
  • Friso Gold 3


Click here to request S26 free milk powder sample.

  • S-26 Gold Progress
  • Wyeth Nutrition Ascenda

Bellamy’s Organic

Not offering free samples currently.

Nature One

Click here to request Nature One free milk powder sample.

  • Standard Toddler Nutritious Milk Drink Step 3 (1-3 years)
  • Premium Toddler Nutritious Milk Drink Step 3 (1-3 years)

Karihome (Goat Milk)

Click here to request Karihome free milk powder sample.

  • Cow Growing-up (1 year onwards)
  • Goat Growing-Up (1-3 years)
  • Assorted Milk Sweeties

Fresco Nutrition (Goat Milk)

Not offering free samples currently.


Click here to request a free Kendamil Milk sample.

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Free Maternal Milk Samples

It’s mummies turn to have some free samples.

Similac Mum

Not offering free samples currently.


Click here to request Anmum free maternal milk sample.

  • Anmum Materna
  • Anmum Lacta


Click here to request Promama milk sample.

Free Skincare Samples

Here are some baby skincare samples that you might be interested in.


Click here to request Cetaphil sample.


Not offering free samples currently.

Pregnancy Freebies

Some gift packs or free bundles that you can sign up for!

Do note that some gift box registrations do require some form of follow-ups.

Please read the fine prints or terms and conditions and decide if you should go ahead to register.

Baby Blisscard @ South West CDC

Sign up for Baby Blisscard.

  • Receive: Limited-edition EZ-link card
  • Enjoy discounts and promotions at about 50 merchants

Mums Club

Sign up for Mums Club membership to enjoy exclusive privileges at participating merchants and receive a complimentary Baby Box.

Pre-pregnancy Freebies

If you know of some friends who are married and have the intention of having a baby, ask them to sign up for this Pre-pregnancy Gift by

If you find this list useful, kindly share it with your friends!

Free Samples For Baby Singapore

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