Check The Mirror. Is Your Child’s Bad Attitude Learnt From You?

Ever wondered what can we do when our children gives us bad attitude?

They really can drive up our blood pressure.

If so,

has some good tips to share!

They include:

…One day, I suddenly realized they were mirroring me! I had a lousy bad attitude, and they were just absorbing my energy and mimicking my behavior. Stresses due to work, relationships, finances, and duties can get us down and sour our own attitudes… if your child is displaying a negative attitude lately, check the mirror and make sure it’s not what you’ve been modeling. If it is, work on improving your own attitude and perhaps they’ll follow suit…

Other ideas to deal with poor attitude include:

showing Empathy and Acknowledgement

put in extra effort to connect heart to heart

guiding them towards the joy in life

Other ideas to deal with children’s negative attitude: 


Don’t just scold just because of their poor showing.

Children are attention-seeking machines and they often seek our attention in the only way they know.

Be a good model. Be with them not just physically, but emotionally too!