Mount Alvernia Delivery Bill

We had our child delivered at Mount Alvernia Hospital in 2015.

I find it a nice place to give birth in.

The nurses that we encountered at the delivery ward are friendly and experienced.

As it is our first child, we decided that I would stay in as a companion. We choose the single room.

Mount Alvernia delivery bill for normal delivery with no epidural and 2-night stay at single room cost about $3744.83 total (excluding Medisave claim).

Mount Alvernia Birth Bill 1
Mount Alvernia Birth Bill 2

As Raiden’s jaundice level was a bit high, he was to stay for 1 more day at Mount A for phototherapy. His bill is separated out from the main bill. His bill is about $900.

Mount Alvernia Birth Bill 3
Mount Alvernia Birth Bill 4

Total cash portion paid is about $4500. The rest is deducted from Medisave.