Jeju Wet Wipes – Best Korean Baby Wipes Singapore

Baby wet wipes typically cost about S$3 a packet, some brands cost even more. It is a must-have handy item to wipe everything, from baby’s hand to bottom!

What are the uses for wet wipes?

  • clean baby’s hand
  • clean baby’s bottom
  • clean eating table
  • clean high chair
  • clean off the mess on the floor

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A place I love to buy wet wipes is on Qoo10. You can buy cheaper there in bulk and some vendors even offered free delivery.

Who wants to carry those heavy wet wipes back home in the hot sun? 🙂

Best Baby Wipes Singapore

I have tried a few brands of baby wet wipes and found that the best is Jeju Wet Wipes from Korea.

They are thicker, easier to pull out piece by piece for wiping poo off baby’s bottom, and do not have any fragrance.

The stated ingredient: Phytoncide / 7 Herbal Flower Extract

Recently, I took advantage of Qoo10’s S$5 coupon to save even more on the wet wipes as my stock is running low.

This vendor normally sells 10 packs of Jeju island wet wipes (80 sheets of tissues in a pack) for S$19.80 with free delivery.

However, they frequently have time-sensitive sales going on and I have bought at S$15.50 a couple of times.

jeju island wet wipes order

I will just buy when there is a sale going on, even when I still have plenty of stocks at home.

Because the cost of baby wipes is only S$1.55 per packet!

Don’t worry, they don’t dry out that fast if you store them away from direct sunlight.

The vendor is always newly stocked and always have ready stocks waiting to be shipped out.

I usually receive the package on the 2nd or 3rd day of order.

Please note that you can’t apply cart coupon for the baby wipes order :<, that is why I always buy during their sales.


These are some of my Jeju wet wipes reviews

My Jeju wet wipes reviews

The wet wipes for babies use up fairly quickly especially if they poo a lot, LOL.

Parents can’t live without wet tissues, it’s true!

Made in Korea Jeju Island's wet tissues

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