Spectra, Cheaper Alternative to Expensive Electric Breast Pumps

Electric Breast Pumps are really very expensive, but it is a must-have nowadays for new mothers to prevent breast engorgement which can make them feel ill.

A search on electric breast pumps will bring up popular brand names like Medela and Philips Avent breast pumps.

Their prices are really no joke, easily priced above $300.

I went to a baby fair at EXPO last year and both of the brand names can easily cost between $500 to $700 in bundle prices and lots of people are queuing to buy them.

As their prices are way beyond our budget, we started to ask around friends to see if there are cheaper alternatives.

One of my friend recommended to me the brand Spectra, which is a Korean brand. It is affordable and works well.

I went to my favorite shopping site and look for this brand and bought it for my wife straight away.

I bought Spectra 9+ Electric Portable Breast Feeding Pump. The price now is just $129.90, which is way cheaper than the popular brands.

It is easy to wash, easy to use and small enough to carry around.

Most importantly, it is much more affordable and it works well enough.

Recently, I took advantage of the Qoo10’s $20 Lunar cart coupon and bought a 2nd unit for my wife to use at workplace.

If you are interested, you can click here to see more pictures of Spectra 9+ and read the reviews.