Asparagus: How To Choose / Store / Cook

Raw asparagus is commonly seen in green color, but there are also white and purple varieties.

Asparagus is a type of vegetable. However, its fruits (the bright red berries), are poisonous to humans.

You might not know, but you can consume them without any cooking as they still can be easily digested when raw!

Keep in mind to choose those with fresh and tender stalks if you want to eat them raw.


Asparagus is a good source of vitamins A, C, E, and K. Low in calories and high in potassium.

How to choose asparagus

Two main areas to look out for; the stalks and the tips.

  • stalks are brightly colored with consistency in color towards the base of the stalks
  • the tips are closed and look fluffy
  • thinner stalks tend to be more tender

How to store asparagus

Put the asparagus standing up into a container that’s filled with a small amount of water.

Use a plastic bag to loosely cover the container and put it into your fridge.

How to clean asparagus

Cut off the woody ends of the stalk and rinse under running water to get rid of any dirt and pesticides.

How to cook asparagus

Here are some easy ways to cook asparagus through various methods such as boiling (easiest way!), using an oven, air fryer, grill, or pan.

Remember to always remove the woody part of the stem before cooking.

Some common ingredients used are:

  • olive oil/avocado oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • lemon/lime
  • parmesan cheese
  • garlic

By Boiling or Using Oven

Using air fryer:

Using grill:

Using pan:

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