How To Check MOE Approved Textbook List

I have received some pre-loved textbooks for my boy who is attending primary 2 next year.

But I am unsure if the editions of the pre-loved textbooks are still going to be used in 2023.

If you are unsure of how to check if textbooks can be used, this guide might help you.

(In this guide, I am checking whether the P2 textbooks I was given will still be in use in 2023.)

Go to MOE Approved textbook list page:

Scroll to the bottom of the page, under Current Titles > Current Titles – Primary (ATL 2023)

Download and open the file, you will find a long list of 2023 approved textbooks for schools.

Click on the Level/Course dropdown box:

Unselect the levels that are not required and click “OK”

Now the list is shorter and it’s easier on the eyes to find the particular textbook.

Now go to the pre-loved textbook to find the ISBN (International Standard Book Number), which is located on the back cover, bottom right of the book.

In my case, the ISBN of P2 Mathematics textbook 2A is 9789814895712.

I search for 9789814895712 in the ISBN column, and I am in luck!

The textbook can still be used in 2023 and I get to save some money.

To double confirm, counter-check against the Phased-out Titles list to make sure that the ISBN is not found in that list.

I managed to find 2 textbooks in the list of current titles and 1 textbook in the phased-out list.

Not too bad, I managed to save some money 😀