Where To Buy Diapers In Singapore?

Diapers are a huge investment in the early life of our baby.

It is a must-have, must-use, life-saver.

As diapers are constant expenses in the early life of our children, it is important to look out for good deals.

My favorite hunting ground for diaper deals is on Qoo10.

Qoo10 has most of the diaper brands available in the market and usually has coupons up for grabs which can reduce the cost of the diapers.

Merries Diapers
Goon Diaper
Mamypoko Diaper
Amico Diaper
Moony Diaper
Nepia Diaper
Pee-Ka-Poo Diaper
Huggies Diaper
Pampers Diaper
Bambo-Nature Diaper
Moltex Diaper
Bosomi Diaper
Drypers Diaper
Petpet Diaper
Sensi Diaper

How Do I Get Free Sample Diapers?

You can refer to this article to request free diaper samples. It is good to try out different brands and then buy your favorite diaper brand in bulk as it is more cost-effective.

Which Diaper Brand Should I Buy?

I prefer Japanese diapers such as Merries and Goon as they are softer and absorbs better, but they are also more costly.

If price is a factor, you can try out Drypers which I think is quite good too.

I have a friend who uses Bamboo Nature as they are more eco-friendly.

Being a new parent, it is good to try out multiple brands to find out one that suits your baby and your wallet.

How Many Newborn Diapers Should I Buy?

Newborn babies usually use around 8-12 diapers daily.

Due to the different growth rates of babies, it is safe to standby 3 to 4 packs of newborn diapers first and buy as needed (each pack about 80-90 pcs). You will be amazed at how fast they grow!

Diaper Size Guide

In general (might differ from brand to brand);

  • Newborn (NB): 2-4kg
  • Small (S): 4-11kg [Rolling & Sitting]
  • Large (L): 7-13kg [Crawling]
  • Extra Large (XL): 12-28kg [Standing & Walking]
  • Extra Extra Large (XXL): 18-28kg [Toilet training]

Tapes Or Pants?

For newborns, only tape diapers are available.

When they grow to about 7kg, you can consider changing into pants.

Pants generally cost more than tapes.

Pants diapers are really useful when you are out of the house, as you can have the flexibility of changing anywhere.

If you want to save on cost, consider having both. Use tapes at home and pants when going out.

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