How To Make Avocado Puree For Baby

Are you without a blender? Avocado puree might be just right for your 6-month-old.

It is one of the first foods for babies that packs with healthy fat, proteins and, dietary fiber!

This buttery and creamy textured baby food is so easy to prepare, you don’t have to cook it. Yeah!

Is Avocado Puree Good For Babies?

They contain over 20 vitamins and minerals.

Rich in monounsaturated fat that helps in healthy brain development and also provides a good source of Vitamin E which boosts the immune system.


How To Choose Avocados?

It is OK to choose non-organic avocados as they are in the clean 15 lists.

  • Choose one with a STEM
    • if it doesn’t have a stem, it tends to rot faster
  • Choose the LARGEST one possible
  • Look for ROUNDER ones instead of long-shaped ones
    • tends to contain more flesh
  • Check for RIPENESS
    • put the avocado in your palm and apply gentle pressure
      • ✔ yields to gentle pressure = ripe
      • ❌ very hard = under-ripe
      • ❌ extremely soft = over-ripe
    • darker shades of green indicate they are riper
  • Look for DULLER skin instead of shiny ones
    • indicates better quality
  • Look out for EVEN RIPENING
    • avoid those discolorations and bruised spots

How to Ripen Avocados Fast?

What if you need the avocado within a day or two…

You can place them in a brown bag with fruits like bananas/apples/pears.

These fruits will release a kind of gas (ethylene) that will cause the avocado to ripen quickly within a day or two.

The brown bag traps the gas.. if you are wondering…

How Do You Keep Avocados?

Unripe avocados: You can put them on your counter-top until they are fully ripe. It could take 4 to 7 days to fully ripen. Remember to check on it every day.

Fully ripe avocados: Place them in a fridge to keep them fresh longer by 3 to 5 days

Cut-up avocados: Wrap them up tightly with plastic wrap or use this avocado holder before refrigerating.

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Do You Need To Wash Avocados?

I bet you don’t wash your avocados before cutting it because you don’t eat the skin.


The skin might contain pesticides and harmful bacteria! They can contaminate your knife which also touches the insides of the fruit as you cut it.


Take a moment to wash the skin by scrubbing it before you proceed to cut it.

How To Make Avocado Puree?

  • SLICE the avocado in the middle (lengthwise) with a knife
  • Have a slight TWIST to each half until it pulls apart
  • Remove the PIT (seed)
  • SCOOP out the meat of the avocado using a spoon into a bowl
  • MASH with a potato masher or with the back side of a fork until your desired consistency
  • Transfer to a SERVING DISH

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How To Store Avocado Puree?

Portion the puree into single servings to ensure food safety.

To store in a fridge: Pour into individual airtight containers or glass jars and refrigerate for up to 2 days.

To store in freezer: Divide into ice-cube trays, transfer them to airtight containers once frozen, you can freeze them for up to 3 months.

Tip: You might have a good memory, but it is good practice to label the containers with “Avocado Puree” and the date of production.

Some portion might turn a little brown, you can just remove that part or mix it all up.

How Do You Reheat Homemade Avocado Puree?

How to thaw: Transfer the needed portion from the freezer to the fridge the night before use.

To warm them up: Place them into a small bowl and place the small bowl into a larger bowl of hot water.

It could take about 10-20 mins to warm it up to room temperature.

Some people use a microwave to heat up but I am not a fan of it.

Combination Ideas: What Goes With Pureed Avocado?

Need combination ideas? Check the following recipes!

Babies Eating Avocados For The First Time

Remember to record down the expression of your child eating avocado for the first time. Cos it’s so funny!!!

As with any new food you introduce, please keep to the 3-Day Wait Rule (no new food for 3 days).

You can also add breastmilk or formula milk into the puree to thin it out if you feel that it is too thick for your child.

Enjoy! Master the art of choosing good avocados and let your infant enjoy this “fat”bulous fruit!

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