Where To Buy GOO.N Diapers In Singapore?

GOO.N Diapers are of good quality and suits the soft skin of newborn and infants.

My boy seldom gets skin rashes from wearing it.

They are not cheap, so I am always on a lookout for places to buy them cheaper.

They are more affordable than Merries and I usually buy them from Qoo10.

Goon - Doraemon Edition Diaper
Goon – Doraemon Edition Diaper

I like GOO.N diapers a lot. Most of my son’s first year is wearing GOON after trying out a few different brands of diapers.

Remember to choose only the Japan version (JV) as the quality of Thailand version really pales in comparison even though they are of the same brand.

Goo.n Diapers Singapore
Goo.n Diapers Singapore


Goon JV baby diapers are lightweight, saving a few grams off the heavy diaper bag is always worth it.

It feels very soft and comfortable which is very suitable for the sensitive baby’s bottom skin as it reduces baby rash.

Some of my reviews on Qoo10.

My Goon Diaper Singapore Review
My Goon Diaper Singapore Review

The diapers certainly can last overnight as they are quite absorbent.

I also like the wetness indicator as it tells me if it needs to be changed. No more headaches of “Change or not to change” situation.

Goon Diaper
Goon Diaper

Diaper Sizes

The tape version comes in:

  • New Born ~5kg
  • Small 4~8kg
  • Medium 6~8kg
  • Large 9~14kg
  • X-Large 12~20kg

The pants version comes in:

  • Small 5~9kg
  • Medium 7~12kg
  • Large 9~14kg
  • X-Large 12~20kg
  • XX-Large 13~25kg

Where To Buy GOO.N Diapers In Singapore?

Click here to get your Goo.n baby diapers online.

Remember to buy some GOON diaper pants too!

There will be times when the baby is not cooperative, the pants will come in handy.

GOO.N is a value for money Japanese brand. You might be able to save some money on diaper cream since it is proven to reduce diaper rash.

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