What You Should Do When Kids Gets Common Illness At Schools

Today is the first school day of 2018!

It is also the first day my boy attended school.

He is really excited about it.


We know that kids gets infected with common illness at schools easily.

Ever wish they could recover faster from these 5 common illness?

Common cold, flu, pink eye, HFMD, stomach flu.

If so,


Has some good tips on getting them well faster!

They include:

  • Drinking adequate fluids
  • Have plenty of rest
  • Consulting doctor early when infected

Preventions include:

  • Often washing hands properly – good hand hygiene
  • Reminding them not to touch theirs eyes, nose or mouth area
  • Have lots of exercise
  • Have flu vaccinations

Here are more common illness they will face in school:

Kids will get sick easily in school due to close contact with other children. What we can do is to constantly reminding them to drink plenty of water and to have good hand hygiene in school.

Stay healthy!

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