Diaper Calculator – Find Unit Price Easily

I am always trying to compare diaper prices between stores (Qoo10) and using coupons.

The best way to compare the diaper’s price is to calculate the price of each diaper (cost per unit).

So, feel free to use this diaper calculator to calculate the price of each diaper change.

Diaper Calculator

(if the calculator didn’t show up here yet, please give it a few seconds)

Tips For Getting Best Prices on Diapers

1. Stockpile During Holiday Period

During holidays, there will be lots of coupons flying around. As diapers don’t go bad, you can utilize the coupons to buy a few cartons to save yourself some money.

2. Buy From E-Commerce Sites

I usually buy from Qoo10 & Lazada. They usually cost lesser than retail shops and supermarkets and often provides free delivery!

3. Use Unit Price To Compare

Shopping for diapers can be quite a headache because some brands has different packaging and some gives out extra free diapers. So, using unit price is the best way to compare.

Take the total price of the diapers (including shipping fee if it doesn’t have free shipping) divided by the total number of diapers included. Use this diaper calculator to calculate the unit price!

4. Know Diaper Prices Based On Brand

Japanese brand diapers such as Merries and Goo.n are usually much pricier because of their quality. If you find them to be too expensive, you can try other brands such as Drypers.

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