The Beginnings

Emotional: The Word That Describes Penguin Dad

Time really flies. I still can’t believe that I have been a full-time dad for 4 months already!

Taking care of a baby is not easy. It’s Tiring and really really Emotional.

Without family support and lots of love for the baby, I guess it is really easy to get into depression.

I think I have teared more times in the past 4 months than in the past 10 years combined. LOL.

When Emotions kick in:

When little Raiden’s first warcry was heard. It’s amazing to see the start of a new life.

Raiden's First Warcry
Raiden’s First Warcry

When he was admitted to KKH for high Jaundice treatment with intense phototherapy. All 4 sides are shine with lights and wearing nothing except a pee bag. His little hand is also poked with the drip. Seeing his little body taking such a punishment really breaks me down.

Jaundice Phototherapy
Jaundice Phototherapy

When his little is feet is bruised from the constant drawing of blood for jaundice followup checks at polyclinic every few days after he is discharged.

Little Feet Bruised
Little Feet Bruised

When he first encountered serious rashes on his face and neck. His eyebrow is also attacked with cradle cap. Comments from all over came in and self-doubt sets in, am I capable of taking care of this child?

Face and Neck Rashes
Face and Neck Rashes

When he held onto my thumb, it’s indescribable.

Little Hand
Little Hand

When he looks at me and try his best to converse with me by using his endless “ohhh oh ohhhh”

When he performs his first roll over on his own, I know he really has grown up.

He is now learning to steady his head and trying to crawl!

My wife and I can’t wait for him to achieve his next milestone. Till then……….

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