[Home Remedy] Onion Juice For Cough In Toddlers

When my son is down with a cough, he totally rejects the idea of taking medicine. Refuse to open his mouth and spitting out any little sips that managed to get in-between his lips.

After his first birthday, he is having coughing episode like once or twice every month.

It is affecting his already “BAD” sleep. That also means bad sleep for us too :<

I can’t remember where I saw this information that says that onion juice is a natural remedy for cough. (hmm, maybe it’s from a TV program or Facebook ? )

I am willing to try it since my boy is already past 12 months old and it is natural (no chemical is always good).

Most importantly, It is easy to prepare and cheap.

I am surprised that my little boy actually likes the taste of steamed onion juice. I have tried it myself and it tastes good, no wonder he likes it so much.

Some observations after drinking steamed onion juice:

  • The recovery is indeed faster
  • The symptoms experienced such as coughing and runny nose are milder
  • Lesser coughing/flu episode since taking onion juice

Nowadays, whenever anyone in the household shows first signs of a cough or flu, I will do this juice for them (Yes, it works for adults too, I will just double the amount).

I believe in trying out natural remedies rather than taking medicine.

I started out using only onions, only recently I add in the apple and garlic after watching a video on Facebook.

onion juice natural


  • 1x Big red onion (2 if using smaller onions)
  • 3x Cloves of garlic (optional)
  • 1x Apple (optional)


  • Onion (main ingredient)
    • Slice off the top and bottom and discard
    • Peel and discard the skin
    • Cut the onion into half
    • Further cut the half onion into 4’s
    • You will have 8 pieces of onion from 1 onion
  • Garlic (optional)
    • Peel and discard the skin
  • Apple (optional)
    • Peel and discard the skin
    • Remove and discard the core
    • Cut into as many pieces you want
  • Place all the ingredients into a bowl (without any water)
  • Once the water in the pot starts to boil, use low heat to steam the ingredients for an additional 30 mins
  • After 30 mins, use a strainer to separate the juice and consume the juice after it cooled down

Why 30 mins?

I started out at 15 mins, but find that there is only a little bit of juice.

I changed to 30 mins and there is more juice to drink. Since then I stick to 30 mins.

Normally, I either discard or reuse the steamed onion and garlic for my other dishes.

The steamed apple does taste good and my boy likes them.

It works for my boy.

Hopefully, it works for you too!

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Onion Juice For Cough Toddlers