How To Bottle Feed Newborn?

Bottle feeding a newborn is always an interesting experience.

They are born to be expert nipple finders.

When I see my boy drinking the milk, it is like drinking milk is all they ever do!

How To Bottle Feed Newborn?

It is important to put them in an upright position so that the baby’s head is much higher than the legs, also ensure the baby’s stomach and the chest aren’t scrunched up together.

Never feed a baby while they are lying down. The milk can flow into the baby’s ears causing ear infections.

Make sure the nipple is full of milk before putting the nipple into the baby’s mouth and also during the feed, this is to prevent the baby from gulping down more air, as they tend to cry more if there is excessive gas in their stomach.

It is a good practice to burp the baby halfway through feeding to reduce the chances of spitting up.

Positions for Bottle Feeding

1.Cradle position


2.Place on the lap position

bottle-feed-on the-lap-position

Personally, I love using the 2nd position. It is always interesting to see Raiden’s facial expression when he is drinking the milk and we have plenty of eye contact. And yeah, sorry for the hairy legs!

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