Maternity Insurance For Mummy?

Is it necessary to buy maternity insurance for mummy?

Actually, I am not too sure also. I have asked some of my friends and it seems like not many of them have bought pregnancy insurance for their wife.

After some discussions with my wife, we have decided to get a basic plan for a peace of mind.

There are a few Maternity Insurance in Singapore:

*OCBC MaxMaternity Care and Great Eastern Flexi Maternity Cover are basically the same plan, just that they are selling under different company names.

As I just wanted a simple maternity insurance for my wife, we went for OCBC MaxMaternity Care because they offer $108 Cash Reward to be credited into Child Development Account, and $108 Premium Voucher to offset the first year premium of my child’s SupremeHealth Plan.

Just call make an appointment with OCBC and a friendly rep will pay you a visit to do the necessary paperwork.

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