Mount Alvernia Antenatal Class

Childbirth education course is important for first time parents. It helps to mentally prepare the new parents for what is to come and what challenges we will encounter.

We have chosen Mount Alvernia as the birth place for our baby. So we signed up for Mount Alvernia’s Antenatal Course to better prepare ourselves.

The course consist of 6 weekly sessions. Every session last 2 hours and usually start on the dot. There a short break after 1 hour and light refreshments is offered. We liked the sandwiches. 3-in-1 milo is available if you wanted some hot drinks.

If for any reason you can’t make it for one of the lesson, you can make a call to attend that particular lesson at a later date.

I would say the course is quite informative.

Session 1: Nutritional needs during pregnancy and after delivery

The dietitian goes through on the changes during pregnancy and the nutritional needs during pregnancy and after delivery.

Session 2: Backcare and exercises during pregnancy

The physiotherapist talks about backcare and demonstrates the simple exercises which all attendees will do together.

Physiotherapy Room1
Physiotherapy Room2

Session 3: Stages of labour & Breathing relaxation techniques

The physiotherapist walk us through the stages of labour and teaches us the breathing relaxation techniques to cope with labour pain.

Breathing techniques

Session 4: Preparation for Childbirth

The parentcraft specialist talks about the signs of labour that we need to look out for to determine if it is a real signal. The various pain relief methods available during labour. The few methods of delivery. The postnatal care in the ward for the mother. Ending with a quick familiarization tour of hospital.

You need to watch the video on natural childbirth.

Session 4 Goodie Bag
Session 4 Delivery ward

Session 5: Importance of Breastfeeding and Bonding

The parentcraft specialist feeds us information on the benefits of breastfeeding, the preparation for breastfeeding, latching techniques and the various positions for breastfeeding.

Session 5 Breastfeeding

Session 6: Care of Newborn

The parentcraft specialist teaches the various sterilizing techniques, general care and handling of the newborn and some of the minor problems we might face in baby care.

Session 6 Care of Newborn

The course fee for us is S$267.50 as we took the weekday lessons.

Click here for more information or if you are interested to register for the Mount Alvernia Antenatal Course.