How Much Does A Newborn Need To Sleep

Do you believe it! A newborn needs about 16-18 hours of sleep per day.

That’s basically a whole day of sleeping!

Breaking down..

They sleep about 8 to 9 hours (the 4-5 Naps they had) in the daytime and about 8 hours at night.


How Much Sleep Is Too Much For A Newborn

In the first 2-3 months, your baby is still growing rapidly and they need lots of sleep for it (16-18hrs per day).

Unless they literally never wakes up to feed (which is highly unlikely), you shouldn’t worry too much.

However, if they are still sleeping a lot beyond the newborn phase, you might need to start worrying about their development.

After 3 months, 13 to 15 hours a day of sleeping is a good average until they are 12 months of age.

They need the awake time to learn skills like how to crawl and roll.

How To Dress Newborn For Sleep

Simply put them in these cute one-piece sleepers with a swaddle, they will be warm enough and not too warm

How To Put A Newborn To Sleep Safely

To reduce Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS):

  • Always put babies to sleep on their back, until they learn how to roll.
  • Sleep on a firm mattress, as they do not have the strength to push their face away from the things that prevented them to breathe.
  • Breastfeeding helps to reduce risk as it improves a baby’s overall health.
  • Baby should not sleep in an adult bed to reduce the risk of suffocation.
  • Keep baby’s crib free of pillows, blankets, and toys

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A newborn needs lots of sleep, some are natural-born sleeper while some needs a little help.

Let them have all the sleep they need in order to grow.

Just remember to provide them a safe environment to sleep in.

How Much Does A Newborn Need To Sleep

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