(Qoo10 GSS) Save Money On Drypers Drypantz

When is the best time to buy diapers? Now!

I bought Drypers Drypantz L.

Qoo10 is having Great Singapore Sale from 9-21 June 2018.

They are offering $8 cart coupon (min $50 purchase) and $20 cart coupon (min $120 purchase).

Coupons valid on 9 to 10 June 2018.

Best time to get baby stuff such as diapers!

I took this opportunity to stock up on my boy’s diapers 🙂

Ya, he is still wearing diapers. 🙁

After comparing the prices of Drypers Drypantz L and Pampers Baby Dry Pant L, I have decided to get Drypers Drypantz L as it is cheaper and free shipping.

Qoo10 - Drypers Drypantz L - For 1 Carton

The price per carton is $43.79 which equates to $0.30 per piece.

I decided to take advantage of the $8 cart coupon which requires a min. $50 purchase. I bought 2 cartons.

For 2 cartons, it is $79.58 total after applying the $8 cart coupon. Per piece is $0.276.

Qoo10-Drypers Drypantz L-2 Cartons

I bring it down further to $74.58 by using my 500 Qpoints. Per piece is $0.258.

Qoo10-Drypers Drypantz L-Payment

So I give myself a pat on my back for saving about $0.04 on each diaper.

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