Diapers are Expensive, Where to Buy Cheap and Good Diapers?

“Oh boy, the diaper is all puffed up and feels really full, time to change a new one”

My baby boy can change 6 to 8 diapers in a 24hr period.

Diapers are expensive and are a recurring cost.

I always buy my diapers from online retailers like Qoo10 because they always offer generous discount coupons to offset the cost.

I will also choose those vendors that offer free shipping.

I have learned to calculate the diapers by per piece so that it is easier to compare the cost of diapers across different brands as they come in different packages.

Here are some popular brands. Click on the pictures to check them out!

Merries Diaper
Merries Diaper
Goo.n Diaper - JV
Goo.n Diaper – JV
Pampers Diaper - JV
Pampers Diaper – JV
MamyPoko Diaper - JV
MamyPoko Diaper – JV
Huggies Diaper
Huggies Diaper
Drypers Diaper
Drypers Diaper

I have tried Huggies, Merries, Goon, Pampers and Drypers.

A typical size “S” diaper from well-known brands can easily cost around $0.30 to $0.40 per piece. If I didn’t break down the cost, I wouldn’t have known that I am throwing $0.30 to $0.40 away every time I change the diapers.

Using a conservative number of 6 diapers change at a median cost of $0.35 each, the diapers can easily cost me $2.10 every day!

I started to look for cheap diapers and I found one brand that only cost about $0.20 each (after using cart coupon). The best part is they offer FREE Shipping!!! No more lugging the heavy diapers home from baby fairs at EXPO!

Goon Diaper

Goon diapers is a lesser known brand in Singapore and I can tell you that they are cheap and good!

I bought them from this seller which sells made in Japan Goon diapers. The diapers have cute prints, feels soft and is quite absorbent. They also have a urine indicator. I feel that they are quite comparable with Merries diapers which is more expensive.

Cheap and Good Goon Diapers

I have recently ordered my 2nd order from them in order to take advantage of the cart coupon offered by Qoo10 to bring down the cost to $0.20 each. Even without the coupons, each piece cost just about $0.23 which is still cheaper than most other brands.

I have reduced the cost of diapers from $2.10 to $1.20 per day, saving $0.90 each day. You can calculate the cost of savings each month. 😛

Click here to buy this cheap and good diapers for your baby too!

After my son become a toddler, the cheapest diaper I found that suits my boy is from Drypers.

I always compare prices online, especially in Qoo10 to see who gives better prices.

Sometimes Qoo10 do have $10 coupon which is ideal for diaper purchases. So it always pays to do some comparisons.

Happy Shopping 😀

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